Commercial Refurbishment in Burgess Hill
Improving Wellbeing with Safety Flooring, Accessibility Solutions and Other Services

The dictionary defines wellbeing as the state of feeling happy and healthy. This is important for all kinds of commercial properties because it affects employee or user morale, health, comfort and productivity. At Lee Sullivan Contracts, we help commercial customers in Burgess Hill improve wellbeing for anyone using their properties, through a range of commercial refurbishment services. Listening to individual needs, we tailor spaces to the people who use them, enhancing comfort and happiness. From commercial flooring to disabled bathroom installations, we provide the exact products and services you need to aid mental and physical wellbeing.

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, such as safety flooring, or require broader commercial building work, we are on hand to provide ideal solutions. The following are some of the key ways we help improve wellbeing within commercial environments:


Being comfortable is an important part of wellbeing and includes physical comfort as well as having everything you need to go about daily life and tasks with ease. To achieve this, we undertake various services in Brighton, Burgess Hill and surrounds to ensure environments have the right features, such as sufficient lighting, plug sockets and toilet/washroom facilities.

Another key aspect is making spaces pleasant to be in, which may include various commercial refurbishment works to update and transform interior spaces. For example, new commercial flooring, plastering, and painting and decorating.


Overall happiness and personal wellbeing go hand in hand, and while comfort is a vital contributor to happiness, there are other factors to consider. There are many ways Lee Sullivan Contracts can help make employees, visitors, students, guests, patients etc. happier when inside your property, such as:

Safety and Hygiene

When looking at ways to enhance wellbeing for people using your Burgess Hill property, it is important to consider safety and hygiene. When using your property, people should feel safe and shouldn’t face unnecessary risk. It is also vital to ensure environments are clean to prevent illness while aiding happiness and comfort.

Some commercial refurbishment options to improve safety and hygiene include safety flooring, Altro Whiterock cladding, reactive maintenance, security fencing and gates, and specially designed adaptations for people with disabilities or mobility issues. For example, disabled bathroom installations which are easy to clean and fitted with emergency alarms.

For commercial refurbishment services in Burgess Hill and surrounds aimed at improving health and wellbeing, call 01273 702099 or 07802 524 044.