The Benefits of Commercial Refurbishment
in Eastbourne from Commercial Building Work Specialists

At Lee Sullivan contracts, we provide professional services for anyone looking to improve their commercial property. Our company has over 20 years of experience carrying out commercial refurbishments and our team is adept at all aspects of commercial building work, enabling us to meet all requirements to the highest standard. With a thorough understanding of commercial needs and regulations, we work closely with our customers in Eastbourne, Brighton and the surrounding areas to deliver practical, safe and attractive spaces. Providing everything from safety flooring and disabled bathroom installation to joinery and decorating services, our refurbishments offer a wide range of benefits.

Whether you have an office, hospital, school or other property, here’s how you can benefit from our services, which include various types of commercial flooring, maintenance services and updates:

Cost-Effective Solutions

Refurbishing a space or property is often much more cost-effective than relocating. It also saves you the disruption, hassle and stress of moving to a new premises. While the cost of a commercial refurbishment depends on various factors, such as the size of the space and current property condition, with Lee Sullivan Contracts’ competitive rates, you can enjoy a more comfortable, functional and safe environment for less.

Greater Safety

Our refurbishment services in Eastbourne improve safety and help our customers uphold their legal obligations regarding health and safety in commercial settings. There are various ways we can improve safety, such as:

We also undertake disabled bathroom installations, providing safe facilities for people with disabilities or mobility issues.

Greater Comfort, Function and Happiness

By tailoring commercial building work to your property and needs, we make your space in Eastbourne work better for you. As well as enabling employees to carry out tasks more easily and efficiently, this improves comfort, experience and happiness for everyone within an environment, whether that’s staff,  visitors, patients, students or customers.

Some of the main ways we achieve this are:

Modern Spaces

With a professional commercial refurbishment, we transform your property in Eastbourne into a modern work/education/healthcare environment. This includes ensuring your space and any commercial building work meets latest regulations and standards. A modern environment also aids greater productivity and wellbeing.

Please call Lee Sullivan Contracts on 01273 702099 or 07802 524 044 to discuss your commercial refurbishment in Eastbourne or surrounds.