Building Work and Commercial Flooring in Haywards Heath
A Focus on Safety, Function and Easy Maintenance

Whether you are planning a commercial refurbishment, renovation or new build, your project requires careful thought and delivery to ensure it meets requirements and regulations. Three of the key areas to focus on when undertaking commercial building work are safety, function and maintenance requirements. At Lee Sullivan Contracts, we always keep these considerations in mind when carrying out consultations, providing advice and delivering services in Brighton, Haywards Heath and surrounds. From commercial flooring which is easy to clean and repair to disabled bathroom installations which improve site function and safety for disabled persons, we meet all requirements.

We are always happy to discuss individual projects and needs, and work with our customers to enhance the safety and function of their commercial environments. Whether you need safety flooring, electrical work or other tailored solutions, we are here to help.


Any commercial property or business owner will know the importance of reducing risks and maximising safety at commercial sites. Not only are there many regulations surrounding health and safety, but providing a safe environment is important for general wellbeing.

Consequently, Lee Sullivan Contracts offers various commercial refurbishment and commercial building works to enhance safety at both new and existing properties in Haywards Heath. These services include reactive maintenance to ensure properties and systems are in good condition, minimising the risk of accidents or injury.

Other ways we enhance safety include installing specialist safety flooring and hygienic surfaces, such as wipe clean commercial flooring and cladding. In addition, we offer various types of secure fencing and disabled bathroom installations with emergency assist alarms.


Making your space as functional as possible is essential for enhancing efficiency and productivity. As such, when planning commercial building work in Haywards Heath, Lee Sullivan Contracts takes the time to understand your needs and how you plan to use your space. This information allows us to include everything you need in your commercial refurbishment to make your property work for you, whether that’s specific work, study or break areas, various lighting or electrical solutions, or anything else.


Part of creating a space which works for you is ensuring it meets your maintenance requirements. For example, if you have limited time for cleaning, you will need easy to clean commercial flooring, such as vinyl, laminate or safety flooring. You may also opt for low maintenance interior cladding.

Another consideration is repairs or replacements. At some point it may be necessary to carry out repairs or replacements at your Haywards Heath property while a space is still in use, meaning you will need solutions which result in minimal disruption. For example, carpet tiles allow you to replace just one tile at a time.

Another example is disabled facilities; if you need to carry out work to a disabled toilet, what facilities will be available to people with disabilities? It is worth considering multiple disabled bathroom installations for this reason, among others.

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