Disabled Bathroom Installation in Uckfield
A guide to Altro Whiterock Cladding and Hygienic Safety Flooring

Lee Sullivan Contracts is a leading Altro wall cladding specialist, providing innovative Altro Whiterock cladding alongside other hygienic, low maintenance solutions for commercial spaces, such as safety flooring. We have extensive experience delivering practical and hygienic installations for hospitals, care homes, schools and other environments in the Brighton and Uckfield areas, covering everything from commercial kitchens to wet rooms and disabled bathroom installations. For your information, we have put together this guide to Altro Whiterock cladding as well as the commercial flooring solutions we offer which work perfectly alongside this product to enhance hygiene and safety.

As a customer focused commercial refurbishment company, we are committed to bringing our clients reliable and high-quality solutions, which is why we recommend Altro cladding for various refurbishment and commercial building work projects.

What is Altro Whiterock Cladding?

Altro Whiterock cladding is a high performance, hygienic alternative to ceramic tiles. It comes in a range of colours and finishes to suit any space in Uckfield or surrounds and is ideal for environments where hygiene is critical. You will find Altro cladding in all kinds of commercial settings, including disabled bathroom installations, often alongside safety flooring or other non-slip commercial flooring.

Made from quality PVCu, Altro cladding is impact-resistant, impermeable and grout-free, meaning dirt and bacteria have nowhere to hide and water cannot seep through.


Altro cladding is suitable for use in any room where you would usually find ceramic tiling, or where you wish to enhance hygiene, minimise maintenance or prevent wear and tear. As such, Lee Sullivan Contracts often supplies and installs Altro Whiterock cladding for various commercial refurbishments or commercial building work projects in the Uckfield area.

The following are some popular applications:

Because Altro Whiterock cladding is popular for spaces where hygiene, safety and practicality are important, we regularly install it alongside other specialist commercial products to maximise hygiene and safety while improving ease of cleaning. The main example of this is safety flooring, which is slip-resistant, low maintenance and durable.

Benefits of Altro Cladding

Providing Altro Whiterock cladding for all kinds of commercial building work requirements, Lee Sullivan Contracts delivers a range of benefits for customers in Uckfield, including:

Furthermore, when you also include new commercial flooring in your commercial refurbishment, your space enjoys even more benefits, such as greater safety and longevity.

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