Commercial Refurbishment in Worthing
A Checklist for Your Office Refurbishment or Building Work Project

Investing in your office is the best way to boost staff morale, improve productivity and your professional image, and ensure your property complies with latest regulations. On this page, we highlight some of the key aspects you need to consider when planning a commercial refurbishment in Worthing and provide examples of project stages as well as popular commercial building work options. Whatever condition your property is in, and whatever services you need, Lee Sullivan Contracts delivers ideal solutions by tailoring services to your exact requirements. From commercial flooring and disabled bathroom installation to plastering and electrical work, we provide everything you need to achieve your goals.

Don’t hesitate to contact Lee Sullivan Contracts for planning advice, safety flooring or anything else you need.

The Process

Whether planning a small or extensive commercial refurbishment, or a new build, your Brighton or Worthing project will involve various stages. Generally, these are:

All stages are vital for assessing and achieving project objectives, ensuring we deliver ideal results which you are completely happy with.

Solutions and Options

When it comes to office refurbishments, there are many different refurbishment solutions and options to choose from. The scale of your project and what you are hoping to achieve will influence which products and services you require, but the following are some key aspects to consider:

Commercial Flooring

There are hard-wearing flooring options to suit every budget, application and colour scheme in Worthing, so think carefully about what you need. Safety flooring is a must for areas such as kitchens, toilets and disabled bathroom installations, but options for other spaces include low maintenance vinyl or laminate flooring, or durable carpet tiles.

Electrical Work

For your office to be safe, comfortable and productive, you need up-to-date electrics with all the features you require. For example, a commercial refurbishment is the perfect time to replace old or faulty systems, install extra plug sockets and update lighting.


Your property must offer a good level of accessibility for people with disabilities or mobility issues. Consequently, commercial building work in Worthing and the surrounding areas should include any necessary adaptations such as ramps, non-slip safety flooring and disabled bathroom installations.


While you could use different types of commercial flooring to create zones within your office space, we recommend partitioning for better privacy and productivity. Various partitioning systems are available, enabling you to create a flexible environment which meets your needs. For example, you could create designated meeting rooms, breakout areas and/or personal workspaces.

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